Need some healthy Easter ideas?

15/04/2014 A bit of fun, Healthy Eating, Help for Parents, Party food ideas, Recipes, Snacks, Sweet food

Easter is a time for family bonding… and the sharing of ‘Occasional’, ‘RED’ or ‘discretionary’ foods such as chocolate Easter eggs.

While we love a good celebration and the hide-and-seek excitement of finding a few quality chocolate eggs, Easter is also a good time to promote and model moderation. Generally speaking, kids receive far too much chocolate at Easter. This overload encourages over-eating. Children will ignore their physical feelings of fullness, which can ingrain bad habits that may result in long-term health risks. What’s the solution? Don’t deprive your child of chocolate eggs, but set limits and set an example. Here’s some simple, healthy Easter ideas that kids will still love:

Avoid the bunny blow-out with better choices

  • Make Easter a one day celebration – it just wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate but try to limit its consumption to one day.
  • Give alternatives to chocolate. Stickers, a soft bunny toy, a game, an iTunes certificate, or movie tickets are a much healthier and long-lasting gift. Combine it with just a few small eggs.
  • Instead of a traditional Easter egg hunt, have a treasure hunt instead. Use written clues encouraging physical activity that will ultimately lead to the chocolate treasure. If you need some inspiration there are lots of ideas online that will cater to children of all ages, see Make an Amazing Treasure Hunt for Kids.
  • Dye or decorate real eggs with your kids that can be hung around the house or given as presents.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast – start the morning on the right foot with Hot Cross Pancakes or a simple boiled egg with toast before digging into the chocolate.

Most of all, when you indulge in some chocolate, savour it, enjoy it and be mindful of what you’re eating.