Award pay rates update

02/07/2015 Canteen Advice

In June 2020, the Fair Work Commission announced a 1.75% increase to the minimum wage. The new Fast Food Award minimum wage started from the full-pay period starting on or after the 1st February 2021.

This increase doesn’t affect employees who already get paid more than their new minimum wage.

  • The quickest way to get the new rates is through its Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT).
  • You can also get the new award rates from its downloadable pay guides here is the Fast Food Industry Award Pay Guide.
  • The increase only applies to employees that get their pay rates from the national minimum wage, a modern award, or a registered agreement (in some cases).
  • The increase doesn’t affect employees who are already getting paid more than the minimum wage. Visit Fair Work for more information on who the increase applies to.
  • If your pay period runs over two weeks and runs into the beginning of July, the new pay rates commence after this pay period ends.

What’s changing?

ClassificationFull time - weekly (38 hours) $Full and part time (per hour) $Casual (per hour) $
Level 1827.8021.7827.23
Level 2877.6023.0928.86
Level 3 - in charge of 0-1 persons891.1023.4529.31
Level 3 - in charge of 2 or more persons902.0023.7429.68

Vehicle allowance for non delivery drivers is $0.41 per km

The superannuation rate remains at 9.5%.

Level 1: An employee engaged in the preparation, the receipt of orders, cooking, sale, serving or delivery of meals, snacks and/or beverages which are sold to the public primarily to take away or in food courts in shopping centres. A fast food employee level 1 will undertake duties as directed within the limits of their competence, skills and training including incidental cleaning and cleaning of toilets.

Level 2: An employee who has the major responsibility on a day to day basis for supervising Fast food employees level 1 and/or training new employees or an employee required to exercise trade skills.

Level 3 : An employee appointed by the employer to be in charge of a shop, food outlet, or delivery outlet.

Level 3 – in charge of  2 or more people: An employee appointed by the employer to be in charge of a shop, food outlet, or delivery outlet and managing 2 or more people.

Don’t forget; all staff, whether permanent or casual, must have a long service leave accrual. The accrual rate is 0.02 hours for every hour worked. For example, if staff work 30 hours per week, the accrual would be 30 hours x 0.02 which equals 0.6 hours per weekly wage.

If you’d like more information, visit the Fair Work website.