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Fruit & Veg Month is a program for NSW primary schools only. Because it is a program that provides classroom materials, as well as ideas for whole-of-school activities, it’s best if the nominated coordinator is a member of teaching staff.

PLEASE NOTE: INTERSTATE SCHOOLS, PRESCHOOLS, EARLY LEARNING CENTRES, CHILDCARE CENTRES, OUT OF HOURS SCHOOL CARE AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS (except those running a primary school curriculum) ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO REGISTER FOR FRUIT & VEG MONTH. If you are from one of these facilities and interested in the program, you are welcome to download the Fruit & Veg Month resources available on the Fruit & Veg Month page

  • Your details will be shared with NSW Health and a Health Promotion Officer may contact you to offer their assistance. As part of Fruit & Veg Month, along with the resources we send, you may receive information regarding other services or organisations that may be of interest to you.