Vegetable Week & The Big Vegie Crunch


Did you know that currently only 5.4% of Australian children are eating enough vegetables? In order to work towards improving this percentage, we need to increase children’s knowledge, exposure and positive attitudes towards vegetables. That’s why we need your help!

Vegetable Week, featuring the fun event ‘The Big Vegie Crunch,’ is a free, school-based  event for NSW primary schools, supported by NSW Health. The aim of the event is to increase children’s knowledge, exposure and positive attitudes towards vegetables.

Vegetable Week 2018 will run from Monday 26th February to Friday 2nd March 2018, with The Big Vegie Crunch to be held at 10am on Thursday 1st March. 

In 2017, 29,067 students across NSW primary schools crunched together to break the record for the most children eating vegetables simultaneously. In 2018 we want to break this record again and encourage children across NSW to get positive about crunching more veg!

Last year, 99% of evaluated schools said they would participate again. So, don’t miss out in 2018!

Please Note:  If 10am on Thursday 1st March is not the best time for your school or classroom to participate in The Big Vegie Crunch, you can always make another time to crunch during Vegetable Week.

What will registered schools receive? 

All registered schools will receive plenty of educational and fun ideas for activities to do over Vegetable Week, in order to encourage your students (and staff!) to eat more vegetables. Registered schools will also receive resources to help with planning, preparation and communication.

So complete the registration form now to register for Vegetable Week featuring The Big Vegie Crunch.

Once registered, you will receive the Get Ready enewsletter with information and links to the resources:

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Looking for the Fruit & Veg Month resources mentioned in the Up the Veg! resource? You can find them here:

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