Our nutrient criteria

Healthy Kids Association has developed the Healthy Kids GREEN and AMBER Nutrient Criteria to assist the food industry to make healthier products for school aged children.

The nutrient criteria are based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy and the other healthy school canteen strategies that are in place across Australia.

For many categories, the Healthy Kids Nutrient Criteria are stricter than the government guidelines to challenge food industry to make products even lower in saturated fat and sodium and higher in fibre and calcium.

Products that meet the Healthy Kids Nutrient Criteria can be registered with the Healthy Kids Product Registration Scheme.

For more information about the Healthy Kids Nutrient Criteria please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

To access the food industry fact sheet on the NSW Healthy School Canteen Criteria – click here