Healthy Kids Product Registration Scheme (PRS)

The Healthy Kids Product Registration Scheme (PRS) is the leading food and drink registration program for school canteens. Registered products are listed in the Healthy Kids School Canteen Buyers’ Guide, which is highly regarded and used by school canteen managers to assist them choose healthier products for their school canteen menus.

In 2017 we will publish a separate NSW Buyers’ Guide which will provide information on products meeting the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy food and drink criteria using a voluntary high achievement benchmark. This will be a new strategy in 2017, and all NSW school will be invited to start working towards a minimum benchmark. The NSW Buyers’ Guide will list products as ‘Everyday’ or ‘Occasional’ using a food and drink criteria based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and Health Star Rating.

The Buyers’ Guide, sent to all other states and territories (limited to 300 schools in WA), will continue to list products as GREEN or AMBER using each of the state/territory food and drink strategies.

Healthy Kids Product Registration offers companies a wide variety of marketing options to reach over 8,000 school canteens across Australia (limited to 300 schools in WA), however the NSW Ministry of Health advised us in November 2016 that there will be no advertising in the NSW Buyers’ Guide. We will therefore provide an opportunity for marketing to NSW schools via the Term 1 and Term 3 Healthy Kids Members’ Magazines.

Registration for the 2017 Buyers’ Guide print catalogue has now closed…

… however registration for the NSW Buyers’ Guide print catalogue remains open only until March 10 2017

Companies are still able to download the Product Registration Application pack which includes a list of benefits and advertising opportunities. If you’d like to advertise, please contact Ali Morgan on 02 9876 1300 or email in the first instance, so she can explain your NSW-specific options.

You can still register products for states using the GREEN, AMBER and RED system. These products will be listed on the online Buyers’ Guide.

Making changes to your registration

If you would like to make any changes to your application, please notify us via email.

Compliance program

As part of the Product Registration Scheme, Healthy Kids conducts an annual compliance rrogram. See the Compliance Booklet for more information.