5 ways with tomatoes

03/02/2014 Healthy Eating, Help for Parents, Recipes, Snacks, Uncategorized

Kids can be reluctant to try new fruit or vegetables. Or they’ll only eat them prepared or presented a certain way. Being creative can be the key to increasing your child’s vegetable repertoire and broadening their horizons. Cooking or presenting a vegetable in a different way might be just the encouragement your child needs to give it a go.

Let’s take tomatoes – kids either love ’em or hate ’em. Yet the tomato is such a versatile and healthy food, surely there’s a way to prepare them that every child will enjoy.

Here are some ways to keep it interesting and keep your kids interested:

  1. Super salad: forget the green salad, try tossing some tomatoes in salad that will excite the senses. Try a four bean mix with red onion, corn and fresh herbs. Or a cucumber, feta and tomato salad with olives.
  2. Tomato bursts: cherry tomatoes are great to include on a platter of vegetable sticks served with dips. Kids love to eat them whole and feel the juicy sweetness burst in their mouth.
  3. Dip it: make a salsa-style dip by chopping fresh tomatoes with red onion, garlic, chilli (if you like), green capsicum and coriander. For a different take on traditional salsa, add chopped mango or nectarines and hold off on the chilli. Serve with crackers or as an accompaniment to chicken or fish.
  4. Cook it: ask your kids to help make a tomato-based sauce or passata. Kids are more likely to eat food they’ve helped to prepare. Use the sauce on pasta or as a pizza base or in a casserole.
  5. Grill it: tomatoes on toast make a delicious breakfast or lunch. Add avocado or cheese to further bump up the nutrition. Slice them very thinly for a new tomato eater and add a splash of balsamic before grilling for flavour.