Better choices for a healthier Easter

23/02/2015 Healthy Eating, Help for Parents, Party food ideas

It’s easy to get carried away with Easter eggs – especially when supermarkets have had them on the shelves for months in advance – but how can we keep chocolate levels down and excitement levels up?

Try to avoid the tantrums and doldrums with these three quick tips:

1. ‘Disguise’ your eggs and up the veggie intake

This tip does need time to set up, but it’s fun for everyone involved and also helps to up the vegetable intake on an otherwise sugar and saturated fat-laden day. Use silicone chocolate egg moulds to create eggs made out of veggie rice mix, spaghetti frittata or even pumpkin pancake mix. Once cooked and then refrigerated, carefully cover the ‘eggs’ with a few layers of coloured foil and play a ‘pick the chocolate egg’ game with the family as a fun lunch activity. Don’t forget to add in a few hard-boiled eggs as wildcards!

2. Up the exercise

The time-honoured Easter egg hunt tradition is all about getting as much chocolate in each hot little hand as possible. If you have a large backyard (or can head to a local park), put each egg as far away from each other as possible and hide them well. That way if kids are gobbling on the go, they’ll work hard for every egg they find. Hopefully, by the time the hunt is over, they’ve got in the recommended daily hour of moderate to vigorous activity too.

3. Opt for more buns this year

A saving grace has always been the hot cross bun. If you don’t usually include fruit buns or hot cross buns in your Easter fare, you may want to reconsider. Not only are Easter buns an obvious healthier choice compared to chocolate, they are lower in energy, saturated fat and sugar, plus they’re higher in fibre (especially if you choose wholemeal varieties or those with added fruit). Kids will still be excited by something new on their plate which is also a great chocolate alternative.

Check out these healthier Easter recipes for more inspiration, plus these party food ideas if you’re planning on hosting this year. And don’t forget, the Easter bunny loves carrots, which may help to your kids to eat more too!