Crunch&Sip launch!

20/03/2014 Crunch&Sip, Healthy Eating

This year, Nowra Christian School decided to revitalise their Crunch&Sip program. They held a big launch during which they had a Carrot Crunch-off. The huge sound of the whole school crunching together was measured using an iPad app and 20kg of carrots were eaten throughout the day. Classes also competed to determine the noisiest, munching, crunchiest class. It was a completely carrot focused day with the Principal, David Marks, dressing up as a human carrot and crazy carrot facts being shared. A lot of fun was had by everyone.

NowraCS-IMG_1321Staying focused

To keep a focus on fruit and vegetables throughout the term, the school is keeping track of weekly fruit and vegetable consumption by class. After adjusting for the number of students and age, a winning class in announced each week. It’s quite a statistical calculation! The students are really getting into eating more fruit and vegetables to try and help their class be top of the chomps!

 Radio interview

One of the teachers was also recently interviewed on local radio about everything the school are doing to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Great effort Nowra Christian School! Keep up the Crunching and Sipping!


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