Submit a case study

03/02/2020 HKA Kitchen

Has your canteen been on a journey to transition to the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy? We would love to hear your story and find out what you did, what worked and what didn’t, who helped along the way, how your canteen remained viable and what the outcome has been.

Please note the following:

  • To be eligible to submit your case study, your school canteen must be verified by the Menu Check Service as meeting the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy.
  • Not all entries will be included in the book. Healthy Kids Association will select the most suitable case studies.
  • Submissions close on 30/09/2020.

If you are having any difficulties with the form, please email us at or call us on (02) 9876 1300.


  • Contact details

  • e.g. how many students in the school, the cultural make-up of the students, how many days the canteen opens, how many staff members in the canteen, how many volunteers on a weekly basis etc.
  • Case Study

  • e.g. Health promotion officers, the principal, other members of the school community, Healthy Kids Association, Secondary School Support Service
  • e.g. students, parents, teachers, canteen staff
  • Max. file size: 512 MB.
    If possible please upload photos - examples of what to include are before and after photos, diagrams or any other applicable images. Please ensure your photos are clear and of high quality. If you are not able to take photos don’t worry, we can arrange that later.