Fruit & Veg Month 2021 Parent tiles

To really help bring the message home we have developed a set of engaging parent information tiles. Use them in your parent communication channels (e.g. newsletter or school app). We have developed two tiles for each week of Fruit & Veg Month.

Download the tiles

8 tiles for parents

Tile 1 – Why do we need to eat more fruit and vegetables?

Tile 2 – Do you know how many serves of fruit and vegetables your family needs?

Tile 3 – How can you encourage your family to eat enough fruit and veg?

Tile 4 – Aim for about half the plate

Tile 5 – Want your family to eat more fruit & veg? Make it easy

Tile 6 – Make the most of your fruit and veg dollar

Tile 7 – Help your kids link fruit and vegetables with good times

Tile 8 – Fruit and vegetables are amazing