GoScan: how you can use it

31/03/2014 Help for Parents, Product Reviews GoScan Vita Brits

GS1 GoScan is a free app that makes detailed and authorised product information of food and beverages instantly available on your smart phone. You can access this information by either scanning the product barcode, manually entering the barcode number or browsing by product description, brand or category.

GoScan helps you ‘know your food’. Each brand registered with GoScan submits information under 8 categories of information:

  • Basics – barcode number, brand name, net contents of product and product category
  • Ingredients – a list of what is in the product including the amount of each
  • Allergens/Advisory – any food allergens that need declaring
  • Nutrition – serving sizes, nutrition information panels and endorsements
  • Storage and preparation instructions
  • Dietary information – a product suitability for dietary restrictions eg. Halal, Kosher, vegan, vegetarian etc.
  • Sustainability – packaging and recycling information, resource consumption, emission as well as social and ethical information
  • Company –country of origin, company contact details and websites addresses

Look for the Healthy Kids logo

If a product on GoScan meets the HKA GREEN criteria, our logo appears in its section on nutritional information.

Nesquik GoScan

To download the smart phone app, visit: https://www.goscan.com.au/