A hub of fruitful eating

18/02/2014 Crunch&Sip, Healthy Eating A hub of girls and Crunch&Sip fruit

For five years Harvest Hub has supplied “Great food that doesn’t cost the earth” directly from Sydney Basin producers to people who are seeking alternative ways of buying their food. They do this when a group of people create a “Hub” and order their produce in bulk from Harvest Hub. The produce is delivered and then divvied up between the people in the hub.

With the common goal of fostering healthy communities within and around schools, Harvest Hub and Crunch&Sip have teamed up. The idea is for a school to create a Hub amongst their parents or staff and in turn receive fundraising and cost-priced veggies supplied to the school. These veggies can be used to complement the Crunch&Sip break that NSW primary students use to rehydrate and refuel for the day.

With great enthusiasm, Peter D’Ermilio, the Principal of Toongabbie’s Metella Road Public School that is piloting this school Hub model reports,“the students are involved in cutting up the free fruit and vegetables. This has created participation and commitment to the program” in a school community that is extremely diverse.

School Children in a Hub of activityA school Hub increases kids’ exposure to farm fresh produce but it can also tackle equity issues for those students who are unable to bring fresh fruit or veggies from home for their  Crunch&Sip break. A school Hub also provides a weekly fundraising opportunity. For this to work a dedicated team or individual (known as the “Hubster”) needs to volunteer one hour of their time each week.

How a school Hub works

In order to create a hub, you need seven members to buy a minimum of $20 each week through Harvest Hub. Once the online order is received, Harvest Hub delivers the food in bulk. It is up to the members (or the “Hubster”) to divvy up the produce between the members.

In return for their work, the “Hubster” or school receives $4 per box that they pack. In the case of a school hub, this money can be used to buy a cost-priced box of fruit and veg for just $15. This cost-price box contains about 70 pieces of fruit and veg each week. Any money leftover is given to the school to support their fundraising efforts. Thanks to the volunteers at Metella Road Public, the school is able to provide a box of produce for the Crunch&Sip program and the remaining funds raised go to the school P&C. Note: only school Hubs are able to access the cost-price box of produce.

Creating a Hub at your school creates a community feel that encourages the consumption of fresh, healthy fruit and veggies not only at home, but at school.

To locate existing Harvest Hubs or to find out how to start a Hub in your school community, visit harvesthub.com.au. For more information on Crunch&Sip click here. Alternatively you can contact:

Jayne Travers at Harvest Hub, info@harvesthub.com.au, 0421 927 458 or                       Shadia at Healthy Kids Association, shadia@healthy-kids.com.au, 02 9876 1300