Fruit is good for us because it has vitamins and minerals – tiny ingredients that our bodies need to keep us happy and healthy.

Different fruits have different vitamins and minerals, especially fruits of different colours, so it’s important to eat a variety of colours every day. Can you name a fruit for each colour of the rainbow?

Fruit also contains fibre, something that keeps us feeling full, and helps move food through our bodies after we’ve eaten it.

Fruit tastes good at any time of the day. You could have it at breakfast, at recess, with your lunch, when you get home from school, or for dessert – the possibilities are endless. What’s your favourite fruit? When did you last eat it?

Fun ways to include fruit every day:

  • Make a fruit salad with a grown up that contains one fruit of each colour
  • Make some yummy Frozen Fruit Bites



Why were the strawberries so upset?

Because they were in a jam!

Fun activities:

Can you find all the fruit in this find-a-word?

Colour-in these fruits and vegetables:

Fruit & Veg 1

Fruit & Veg 2

Fruit & Veg 3


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