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Shopping on a Budget

11/06/2019 Healthy Eating, Help for Parents, Lunchbox

During a busy week, it can feel like the easiest and cheapest choice to grab a takeaway meal for dinner. In NSW, a recent study found more than 1
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Cancer Council NSW Healthy Lunch Box website

06/04/2019 Help for Parents, Lunchbox

With children eating at least 2500 lunches throughout their time at school, the task of packing a healthy school lunch box is made easier with the Cancer Council NSW Healthy
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Take the Rainbow Challenge!

04/03/2019 Uncategorized

Healthy Kids Association is proud to partner with Coles in a new initiative designed to encourage Aussie kids to love fruit and vegetables and eat healthier every day. At the centre
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17/09/2018 Kids Zone

What is bullying? Bullying is when someone is being picked on, continuously and on purpose, by a person or group because they think they are more important, stronger or better
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Fibre – What is it and why do we need it?

13/06/2018 Help for Parents

Fibre is one of those things we don’t really think much about, particularly for kids. It’s not an elegant nutrition topic, but fibre is a very important part of
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The Division of Responsibility in Eating

11/08/2017 Healthy Eating, Help for Parents

The joint effort in developing competent and healthy eaters With childhood obesity on the rise, so too is parental concern and awareness about what their kids are eating. Getting kids to be
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Common recommendations for menus

20/06/2017 Canteen Advice, Healthy Eating

Below is a list of the most common recommendations we provide to schools that undertake a menu review with us. They’re all aimed at helping schools improve their menus. GREEN
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School newsletter snippet

29/05/2017 Uncategorized

Download the Vegetable Week & The Big Vegie Crunch school newsletter snippet here.

Take action on fussy eaters

02/04/2017 Healthy Eating, Help for Parents

We know that establishing good eating habits in children fuels growth and development, but refusing new food tastes and textures can often leave parents at a loss. Healthy Kids
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10 handy hints for your kitchen

10 handy hints for your kitchen

21/12/2016 Uncategorized