Fundraising at school

As the P&C you’re responsible for a great deal of fundraising that takes place at your school. At Healthy Kids we believe that schools should develop a culture of wellness that encourages healthy choices in every aspect of schooling life – this includes fundraising events.

Healthy Fundraising totesAustralia is facing an epidemic of obese and overweight children, which has more than doubled in the last twenty years. One way school communities can play a part in tackling this problem is by making the choice to fundraise in a healthy way. Instead of selling boxes of chocolates or lollies to raise money, choose an activity that encourages health and wellbeing.

7 reasons for healthy fundraising:

  1. Make money for your school while promoting health and wellbeing.
  2. Provide the personal satisfaction of being a positive role model.
  3. Show your school community that you care about children’s health rather than profit alone.
  4. Reinforce the health messages that children hear in the classroom.
  5. Involve the whole school community (students, parents, teachers and other staff).
  6. Support the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy.
  7. Run it as often as you like.

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Food at fundraisers

Did you know that the Department of Education and Communities released the Nutrition in Schools Policy in February 2017. This policy states that any activities (this includes fetes, discos and fundraisers), should promote healthy eating and good nutrition to students.

The policy specifically says the following:


Healthy eating and good nutrition should be promoted in all school activities and programs which involve food and drinks.


All sugar sweetened drinks as outlined in the Sugary Drinks Fact Sheet of the Healthy School Canteen Strategy are not to be sold to students.


Where school activities involve the provision of food and drink to the wider school community, consideration should be given to promoting healthy eating.


School activities that involve the provision of food will address the requirements of the Anaphylaxis Procedures for Schools.

The full Nutrition in School Policy can be found at the following website:

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