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Sparkling Pink Lemon Juice

Yields20 Servings

 500 ml lemon juice (no added sugar), freshly squeezed or bottled
 1 l apple juice (no added sugar)
 1 ½ l sparkling water
 1 kg frozen raspberries
 2 lemons or limes, sliced, to serve

Blend all the ingredients except the sparkling water together in a blender.


Pour mixture into a jug while straining the mixture through a thin sieve or pour directly through sieve into 250mL cups.


Add the sparkling water, stir, and then serve with a slice of lemon or lime.


Cut lemon or lime into slices, then cut a slit in the skin and serve on the rim of the cup.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 200mL

Servings 0

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