Marketing & Promotion with the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy

In the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy Food and Drink Criteria only Everyday foods and drinks can be promoted, advertised, or displayed.

Good promotion and marketing can increase sales of Everyday items. The 4Ps of marketing are:

  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion and
  • Placement

Promotion of Menu Items
Only Everyday items can be marketed and promoted. The following avenues are examples of how items can be promoted.

  • Specials
  • Meal deals
  • Specials boards
  • School websites
  • Social media
  • School newsletters

Specials & Meal Deals
A special is any item on the menu or on a specials board that is highlighted, promoted, or called a ‘special’ or advertised as a special deal or cheaper price.
A meal/snack deal is when one or two items are bundled together for sale. These may also be promoted or sold at a reduced price.

Placement of Products
For over the counter service, only Everyday foods or drinks can be placed on the counter and at eye-level in fridges or freezers.
Be aware of branding and signage on fridges, freezers, signs and posters where students can see it.

Top Tips

  • Trial new products with the students before you put them on the menu
  • Where appropriate, use packaging that allows students to see the food
  • Use meal deals to add value to your foods and drinks, find more information on how to favorably price Everyday foods and drinks
  • Use students to develop promotional material for the meu items

Check out the Lookbook to see how real canteens market and promote their Everyday menu items.

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