Fruit & Veg Month 2021 Recipes

Let’s all do our bit to celebrate fruit and vegetables and encourage kids (and adults!) to eat more of them with these simple party inspired recipe ideas – just perfect for a Fruit & Veg Festival!

  • Carrot fairies – slice the carrots lengthwise, spread with blended avocado/guacamole or hummus and sprinkle over finely chopped vegetables in a range of colours such as capsicum, cucumber and corn
  • Layered fruit, yoghurt and fruit jelly cups – make up jelly with 99% fruit juice and gelatine. Fill the bottom 1/3 of a serving cup with the jelly, add yoghurt to fill the next 1/3 and then fill to the top with chopped fruit
  • Mushroom breadstick pops – dip the top of each breadstick into blended avocado/guacamole, tzatziki or hummus dip and add a de-stalked button mushroom to the top using the dip as the “glue”. Top with a dollop of salsa. Display for sale in a tall glass
  • Rainbow fruit or vegie skewers – thread chopped/sliced fruit or vegetables onto short wooden skewers. Aim to include fruit or vegies from a range of colours – use the colours of the rainbow or the fruit and vegetable colour families (red, yellow, orange, green, blue/purple, white/brown). Provide dips such as yoghurt or custard for the fruit skewers and guacamole, tzatziki or hummus for the vegetable skewers
  • Vegie bugs – cut celery sticks into various lengths for the bug bodies. Using a straw, cut out little rounds from black olives to make eyes. Pipe or spread hummus inside the celery stick to use as the ‘glue’ for the body parts. Add a tomato to one end of the stick to be head of the bug and attach the ‘eyes’ using the hummus as the ‘glue’. Use sliced vegetables such as cucumber, capsicum, and carrots to create the rest of the bodies. Modified from: