Fruit & Veg Month 2018 Resources

Teacher’s booklet

The Teacher’s Booklet contains:

  • Hints and tips
  • Whole of school activity ideas
  • Canteen ideas
  • A table listing the available curriculum materials from Fruit & Veg Month 2015-2017

Fruit & Veg Month classroom activities

For the 2018 Fruit & Veg Month program, we are revisiting activities from our most recent Fruit & Veg Months (2015-2017). We think they are so great they deserve another go!

Click on the relevant Stage name to be directed to the table of activities for that Stage. Links to the activity outlines (and any relevant worksheets) are within the table. Click on the lesson name to be directed to the activity outline.

Looking for the Interactive Whiteboard activities mentioned in the 2016 and 2017 program lessons? You can link to them here:

Want to get cooking in the classroom with your students? For Fruit & Veg Month 2017, we developed recipes to support the lessons. Each recipe includes an equipment list and how-to video. You can find the Fruit & Veg Month 2017 recipes here.

School communication resources

Canteen resources

Jokes and quizzes