The Big Vegie Crunch Timer

Vegetable Week 2020 will run from Monday 2nd March to Friday 6th March with The Big Vegie Crunch being held at 10am on Thursday 5th March.

When the timer reaches zero it is time for you all to CRUNCH your vegies!

Teachers: Once the timer hits zero, a Crunch Now message will appear. In case of a technical hiccup you can access the Crunch Now message here instead.

Not crunching at 10am on Thursday 5th March? You will need your own timer to countdown the students. Try a free online timer, the time on your computer or even the classroom clock. Once you are ready to crunch go to the Crunch Now message to get you all crunching at the same time.

Please help us to crunch the numbers! We need to know how many kids crunched at 10am on Thursday 5th March and how many crunched at another time over Vegetable Week. Please click here to enter your numbers.