Vegetable Week & The Big Vegie Crunch 2019 recipes

Here at the Healthy Kids Association, we want to support you in increasing your family’s vegetable intake. Below we have developed step-by-step recipe videos on how easy it is to add some more veg to your meals & snacks!

Need some more ideas on how to up the veg at your place? See the list of suggestions after the recipes.

Hulk Fritters

Make sure to try out Hulk Fritters – yum! We must say a big thanks to the Northern NSW Local Health District Canteen Menu Resource 2017, for this yummy recipe.

Recipe. Click here to view and download the recipe.

Cheese, tomato and spinach pockets

Recipe. Click here to view and download the recipe.

Chilli con carne

Recipe. Click here to view and download the recipe.

Cottage Pie

Recipe. Click here to view and download the recipe.

Up the veg at your place by…vegging up your snacks!

  • Include vegetable sticks with dips, cheese and crackers as a filling snack
  • Add vegies to after-school toasties. Check out the recipe for Cheese, tomato and spinach pockets above
  • Put cold cooked vegies in your child’s lunchbox – try corn on the cob, small roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli or baked cauliflower florets
  • Cook up some heavy-on-the-veg, muffins and fritters for lunchboxes. Most recipes can be prepared in bulk and frozen until needed. See the Hulk Fritters recipe on this page for an example
  • Family nagging you about when dinner will be ready? Put out a plate of cut up veg sticks – it’s unlikely to spoil their appetite and is a great way to get them to eat extra vegies at dinner time. You’ll be amazed at how much they will eat when they are hungry and you make it easy and accessible!

Up the veg at your place by…adding more veg to your meals

  • Put a focus on vegetables in your meals. Too often they are neglected in place of other foods
  • Make sure you include vegetables with lunch and try including them at breakfast too. The more meals that contain vegetables, the more vegetables your family will eat!
  • Add more vegetables to your family dinner faves. Spaghetti Bolognaise, Cottage Pie, pasta dishes, and curries can all have more vegetables added. Even just adding a can of legumes (e.g. chickpeas, lentils, cannellini beans, borlotti beans or kidney beans) and some frozen cut up vegetables to your dishes will up the veg in an instant!
  • Time poor at meal times? Prepare vegetables in advance or use frozen or canned vegetables (no added salt)
  • Check out a selection of heavy-on-the-veg dinner recipes above

Up the veg at your place by…being a vegie role model!

  • Encourage your kids to eat more vegies by showing them how often you eat them
  • Talk with your kids about why you like vegetables and which ones are your favourites. Steer clear of talking about health though. Kids live in the moment so taste, texture and how they feel right now is what matters to them
  • Get your kids involved in meal planning. Make sure you put a focus on deciding which vegies you will include in your meals and snacks*
  • Take your kids shopping for your weekly veg. Ask them to help you choose the best! Whether it’s based on price, seasonality or freshness, your kids will love feeling responsible for decision making*
  • Grow your own! Even if it’s just a couple of pots of lettuce on a sunny window sill. It all helps to make vegetable eating fun
  • Most importantly, keep putting the vegetables out there. Don’t force your kids to eat veg but do give them lots of descriptive praise or non-food rewards (family card game anyone?) for eating them

*Cost or availability an issue? Frozen or canned vegetables (no added salt) are great too!