Food Industry

The Australian Food Industry is made up of all the people and companies that grow, manufacture, package, distribute and sell the foods and drinks we consume.

At Healthy Kids Association (HKA) we work with all areas of the food industry to help increase the amount of healthy food and drink options readily available to school-aged kids. We provide support to the food industry at every stage of the food chain, from farm to fork.

Pages for the Food Industry

How Healthy Kids works with the Food Industry

Information for the Food Industry

  1. The School Canteen Market
  2. Canteen Guidelines
  3. Food Industry & the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy
  4. What are Nutrient Criteria?

Healthy Kids Product Registration Scheme (PRS)

  1. How to Register
  2. PRS Forms & Resources
  3. Our Nutrient Criteria

Buyers’ Guide

What’s New

Healthy Kids Food Exhibition & Training Day