Our history

History of Healthy Kids Association

In November 1990 the NSW Department of Health sponsored a statewide forum called ‘Healthy School Canteens for NSW’. The forum was held to determine the role for a school canteen association. From this forum an interim committee was elected with the purpose of surveying schools across NSW to determine if there was an interest for such an association. The survey was carried out in May 1991. Responses to the survey indicated that 95% of responding schools with canteens saw a need for, and would join an association.

On 30 September 1991 the inaugural meeting of the NSW School Canteen Association was held.

The Association works closely with food and beverage manufacturers to encourage the registration of foods, which meet our nutrient criteria.

The nutrient criteria were developed to assess the nutritional value of foods suitable to carry the Associations “Healthy Kids” Logo. These products are listed in the Canteen Buyers Guide enabling school canteens throughout NSW to make healthy choices easier choices for their staff and students.

Healthy Kids has gone through a name change from ‘Healthy Kids School Canteen Association’ to ‘Healthy Kids Association’ to reflect the true nature of the organisation, which extends far beyond just canteens into the greater community. Canteens do, however, remain an important part of the business. Healthy Kids has been cited as a key stakeholder in more than half of all programs currently promoting change in canteens.