SA Right Bite Food and Drink Supply Strategy

Schools in South Australia follow the Right Bite Food and Drink Supply Strategy (Right Bite strategy), which aims to ensure that healthy food and drink choices are available in South Australian schools. The Right Bite strategy is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

Schools are encouraged to apply the Right Bite Strategy in all situations where food is supplied in the school environment, such as camps, excursions, fundraising, celebrations and sports days.

The Right Bite Food and Drink Spectrum is used to classify foods and drinks as GREEN, AMBER or RED based on the nutritional value of the menu item.

GREEN foods and drinks are the best choices for the school canteen and should therefore be encouraged and promoted. They contain a wide range of nutrients and are generally lower in saturated fat, sodium (salt), and/or sugar. GREEN foods and drinks fall into the five food groups and should make up the majority of the menu.

AMBER foods and drinks contain some nutritional value, but generally contain higher amounts saturated fat, sodium (salt) and/or sugar. Consumption of AMBER items in large amounts can result in excess energy (kilojoule) intake and should therefore be provided in smaller serve sizes and should not dominate your menu.

RED foods and drinks lack adequate nutritional value and are typically high in energy (kilojoules), saturated fat, sodium (salt) and/or sugar. They are not essential for a healthy diet and therefore should not be on the canteen menu or available in vending machines. Some RED category choices may be provided on a maximum of two occasions a term in certain situations, such as celebrations or fetes in which the whole school community is involved (not the canteen menu or vending machines).

Support Available

Department for Education
Engagement and Wellbeing – Healthy Eating

To get in contact, call (08) 8226 1931 or email

Healthy Kids Support LineMembers of Healthy Kids can access a range of support options to help them keep in line with the Right Bite Strategy, and how to promote healthy options in schools. Support includes canteen recipes, templates that will assist you in managing a school canteen, menu feedback and advice from our team of dietitians.

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The Right Bite Manual – Everything you need to know about the Right Bite Food and Drink Supply Strategy, particularly:

  • The Right Bite Food and Drink Spectrum: pages 24-31
  • The Right Bite Ready Reckoner (a list of foods and drinks commonly supplied within schools and where they fit within the Right Bite Food and Drink Spectrum): pages 39-49

The School Canteen Buyers’ Guide 2022 for ACT, NT, Qld, SA, Tas and Vic – A valuable tool to help school canteen managers build healthy canteen menus.

This resource contains a list of products that have been assessed against the Healthy Kids Nutrient Criteria and each state/territory’s school canteen guidelines and policies. Products are classified as GREENAMBER or RED.