Leasing the canteen (NSW)

When leasing out the canteen, schools can set contract conditions they want tenderers to meet. Contract conditions the school may set out could include the menu, pricing and processes for raising and resolving concerns that may arise in the future between the school and the leasee. The contract document is the document that is referenced in such situations, so it is important that it covers all aspects of the leased canteen.

In government schools, under the Nutrition In Schools policy, the principal is ultimately responsible for the food available in their school and hence should be involved in the formulation of requirements for a tender. (If you’re passionate about changing the food available in your local school, we’ve created a 2-page cheat-sheet for Principals that outlines their responsibilities.)

The process for leasing the school canteen depends on the school sector:

  • Most independent schools have their own process for engaging external providers, which may involve a tender.
  • Catholic schools are organised by Dioceses, and each Diocese has a process for leasing the canteen. This process is often based on the NSW Department of Education process for government schools.
  • Government schools are required to follow the process set out by the NSW Department of Education. A summary of the process is documented in the guide (link below).

For more information on the tender process and other considerations, download the canteen leasing guide for schools.