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The Healthy Kids School Canteen Buyers’ Guides are produced once per year, but the Healthy Kids Product Registration Scheme operates year round. When products are registered after the cut-off date to make it into the Buyers’ Guide, the products and company details are listed on this page.

The below Healthy Kids Registered Products have been assessed against and classified according to the Healthy Kids Nutrient Standard and each state/territory’s canteen guidelines and policies.

New Healthy Kids Registered Products: August 2023

New Healthy Kids Registered Products: July 2023

New Healthy Kids Registered Products: May 2023


Note: Products that don’t require a particular Health Star Rating in order to be sold in NSW school canteens are listed as N/A. All HSRs listed on this page are consistent with the revised Health Star Rating Calculator, released by the NSW Government in November 2020.