Vegetable Week & The Big Vegie Crunch


Only 5% of NSW children eat enough vegetables. To improve this, we are increasing children’s knowledge, exposure and positive attitudes towards vegetables.

Get involved!

Vegetable Week, featuring the fun event ‘The Big Vegie Crunch,’ is a free, quick and easy school-based event for NSW primary schools, funded by NSW Health.

‘The Big Vegie Crunch’ is an attempt by NSW primary school students to break the record for the highest number of children eating vegetables simultaneously – and to get kids excited about vegetables!

It’s a fantastic and veg-citing way to start your school year with a health-promoting crunch!

Vegetable Week 2020 will run from Monday 2nd March to Friday 6th March, with The Big Vegie Crunch being held at 10am on Thursday 5th March.

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Not sure if your school or class can crunch at 10am on Thursday 5th March? No worries. Just choose another time over Vegetable Week that suits and let us know when we tally the numbers.

What do registered schools receive?

Registered schools will receive a whole vegetable patch of digital resources to help you run the event at your school including:

  • Get ready eNewsletters
  • Classroom, whole of school and home activity ideas
  • Organisational hints and tips
  • Ready-to-go communication resources
  • Access to the super funky ‘The Big Vegie Crunch’ theme song
  • Access to ‘The Big Vegie Crunch’ countdown tool
  • A template to print your own ‘I crunched today! Did you?’ student stickers

Please note that resources for this fun event are provided in digital format only. Unlike Fruit & Veg Month, which is held in Term 3, there are no hardcopy resources provided for the Vegetable Week & The Big Vegie Crunch event. 

What happened in 2019?

We had a whopping 127,161 students registered across 544 schools! Of these, 40,612 students crunched vegetables simultaneously and a further 14,117 crunched at another time over Vegetable Week. Way to go all you vegie eaters!

Lettuce crunch together in 2020 and smash these numbers!

Don’t miss out – register now.

For further questions, please contact us.