Health promotion messages

Both nationally and on a state level, health promotion campaigns are running, providing resources and support for an active lifestyle, weight loss and healthy food choices. By increasing your awareness of these programs, you can utilise resources and programs that are often free of charge.

National campaigns

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

The federal government has committed to rolling out the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program in up to 190 primary schools. The program teaches children how to plant, grow, and cook fresh foods, hoping to influence health behaviour into their adult life. The program flows from the garden into the classroom with its supporting curriculum resources.

For more information on this program, visit: Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden.

Jump Rope for Heart

This Heart Foundation initiative is a skipping program for children, aiming to increase their fitness levels. Children are required to skip to raise money for the Heart Foundation, teaching them valuable lessons about heart health while keeping them active.

For more information or to register your school, visit: Jump Rope for Heart.

State Initiatives


Go4Fun is a healthy lifestyle program for children aged 7 -13 years old who are above a healthy weight. Parents and children attend these two-hour programs twice a week for ten weeks. These programs are rolled out by local health districts across NSW and often recruit local leaders to deliver program content. Each session includes a nutrition education component, fun exercises for the children and group discussion with parents around the behavioural and psychological issues associated with a healthy lifestyle.

To join a program near you, visit: Go4Fun.

Munch & Move

Munch & Move aims to build the capacity of NSW early childhood educators in teaching about physical activity, nutrition and implementing a reduction in small screen time in their centres. This is achieved through full-day training sessions run by local health districts, providing long-term support to centres in implementing positive changes. This program sits within the National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework.

To find a local training session, visit: Munch & Move.

Live Life Well @ School (LLW@S)

LLW@S aims to provide primary school teachers with the tools to teach about nutrition and fundamental movement skills as part of the PDHPE syllabus. This is achieved through a two-day professional development workshop that provides teaching strategies, resources and helps in creating a plan to make a whole school healthier. Following these workshops, a plan is developed to create sustainable change in the school in making the entire school a healthier environment.

For more information, visit: Live Life Well @ School.