How HKA works with the Food Industry

At Healthy Kids we work with all areas of the food industry to help increase the amount of healthy food and drink options readily available to school-aged kids. We provide support to the food industry at every stage of the food chain, from farm to fork.

Provide Advice

We assist manufacturers in understanding and interpreting the canteen guidelines specific to each state/territory, and assistance in classifying their products as Everyday/Occasional (NSW) or Green/Amber/Red (Acr, NT, Qld, SA and Vic). Being familiar with each of the state/territory canteen guidelines is important for companies focusing on marketing and product development directed at school canteens across Australia.

We can also explain to distributors the unique business model that is the school canteen market, which is different to other food outlets and understanding how it differs and how it is unique is vital if a company wants to distribute their products through school canteens.

Product Development & Reformulation

Healthy Kids provides support to the Food Industry who are creating a new product to be sold in school canteens, and what criteria must be met. We also provide guidance to companies reformulating existing products to make them healthier and appropriate for sale in school canteens.

Marketing & Promoting

Foods and drinks that are registered in the Healthy Kids Product Registration Scheme (PRS) are listed in the School Canteen Buyers’ Guide, a resource used by school canteen managers across Australia to build healthy canteen menus.

Companies with Healthy Kids Registered Products also have additional advertising opportunities, such as advertisements in the our Buyers’ Guides, Members Magazines, eNewsletters and social media pages (over 10,000 followers). Companies also have the opportunity to attend and promote their Registered Products in our Healthy Kids Expo and Training Day.

Healthy Kids can also assist companies with NON-FOOD PRODUCTS/SERVICES with their school canteen marketing by giving access to the school canteen market through advertising and at the Healthy Kids Exhibition and Training Day.

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