Mindful munching

How many different foods do you think you’ve tried? There are heaps of different foods out there! They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and textures.

The texture of a food is how it FEELS. Do you know how your favourite food feels in your hand and in your mouth?

Mindful munching 

The mindful munching game

(Fun foods to play the game with include celery, bread, grapes and avocado.)

Pick up a bit of food and look at it. Don’t put it in your mouth just yet.

What does it feel like in your hand?

What does it smell like?

Is it hot? Or cold?

Now put it in your mouth.

Is it crispy? Or smooth?

Does it slurp? Does it crunch?

Is it salty? Sweet? Spicy?

Congratulations! You just fully appreciated that piece of food. Try with some other kinds of foods. Eating is much more interesting when we pay attention to it.