Healthy Kids events

The NEW NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy information sessions

NSW will have a new set of food and drink guidelines in 2017 and Healthy Kids is running a series of information and support sessions to help canteen managers, principals and P&Cs learn all about it. Find more information and RSVP here.

Healthy Kids Food Exhibition and Training Day 2017

The Healthy Kids Association is proud to host its Food Exhibition and Training Day Рnow held every two years, with the next major event in July 2017. The event gives food industry the opportunity to showcase their products to canteen managers, staff and volunteers. All products at the expo must fit within the NSW Healthy School Canteen Guidelines.

As well as a food exhibition hall, Healthy Kids hosts seminars, workshops and cooking demonstrations to help advise canteens on operational issues as well as give advice on serving and preparing healthy, nutritious food.

If you have a question about the next expo in 2017, please contact us.