Running a Profitable Healthy School Canteen


About the workshop:

This workshop is intended for canteen managers, staff and volunteers who would benefit from a basic introduction to the principles of profitability and best practices for running a viable canteen. It is aimed at helping participants understand what the key profit drivers are and how these drivers can be influenced to achieve the operational goals of the canteen.

This two-hour workshop is interactive and includes a group activity on recipe costing and price setting. Participants will be provided a booklet containing summary notes and record templates to follow along during the workshop.

 Learning objectives:

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

    1. Describe the principles of profitability and its key drivers
    2. Apply the principles to their canteen operations
    3. Determine sale prices with reference to expenses
    4. Recognise the importance of best practices and keeping records
    5. Use basic records to operate a viable canteen

Times and Dates:

Penrith: 4-6pm, 10th March 2020, Penrith RSL Function Centre
Gosford: 2:30-4:30pm, 24th March 2020, CCLHD Health Promotion Service Meeting Room, Level 2, 4 Watt St
Bossley Park: 4-6pm, 26th March 2020, Bossley Park High School
Dubbo: 10-3pm, 5th May 2020, Dubbo Zoo
Griffith: 7th May 2020, Location TBC
Burwood: 4-6pm, 12th May 2020, location TBC
Blacktown: 4-6pm, 28th May 2020, location TBC
Broken Hill: 10-3pm, 3rd June 2020, location TBC
Orange: 10-3pm, 9th June 2020, Orange City Bowling Club
Lismore: 11th June 2020, location TBC

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