Portion Size Help

Sometimes it can be hard to decipher portion sizes when there’s a weight in grams. It can be easier to use practical and visual guides such as cups or common household items.

Here are some food items with their maximum portion limits under the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy and their matching measures.


FoodMaximum Portion SizeEquivalent Measure
Roasted Fava Bean Snack30g1/3 cup
Ice Cream125mlSize of a kiwi fruit
Muffin/Cake80gSize of a tennis ball
Sweet Biscuit50gSize of palm of hand (adult)

Hot Food

FoodMaximum Portion sizeEquivalent Measure
Fried Rice250g (PS)2 cups
350g (SS)3 cups
Pasta Bolognese250g (PS)1.5 cups
350g (SS)2 cups
Mexican Rice (Chilli Con Carne with rice)250g (PS)2 cups
350g (SS)3 cups
Pizza250g (PS)1 slice from a large pizza
350g (SS)2 slices from a large pizza
Crumbed Fish/Chicken tenders140gSize/thickness of female adult hand
Hash Brown100gSize of a deck of cards
Hot Chips100g13 medium- sized chips
Chicken Nuggets100g5-6 nuggets

PS = Primary school                  SS = Secondary school