Vegetables, just like fruit, contain vitamins and minerals that keep our bodies healthy. Veggies of different colours have different vitamins and minerals, so it’s important to eat a variety of colours.

Veggies also contain fibre, which keeps us full and helps move food through our bodies after we eat it.

There are also different types of vegetables. A carrot is the root of the plant, lettuce is the leaves of its plant and celery is the stalk! Try to include different types of veggies every day.

What’s your favourite vegetable? When did you last eat it?

Fun ways to include veggies every day:

  • Make a rainbow sandwich for lunch
  • Make veggie kebabs



Which vegetable can’t you take on a boat?


Fun activity:

Can you find all the vegetables in this find-a-word?

Colour-in these fruits and veggies:

Fruit & Veg 1

Fruit & Veg 2

Fruit & Veg 3


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