waterDrinking fluid is essential to stay alive. Water is the best fluid for our bodies as it helps regulate our temperature, aids digestion, assists in the transportation of nutrients around the body, helps kidney function and helps with the elimination of waste products. Water also cushions our organs and joints, helping prevent injury and pressure. Water is vital for survival.

Children should be encouraged to drink water from an early age. If they are, it is likely that this good habit will continue into adulthood.

Dehydration can result when a person does not drink enough fluid. This can result in poor concentration, an increase in stress, headaches, lethargy, dry itchy skin and constipation.

Sugary beverages such as fruit juice, cordial, flavoured mineral water, soft drink and sports drinks are high in sugar and contain very little nutritional value, so they should be limited. Milk is a healthy alternative to water and is a nutritious choice.

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