Food-Free Fundraising

Looking for a way to raise funds for the school canteen, but don’t want it to be a solely food-centred event? We’ve got you covered! Below is a list of some of our favourite (mostly) food-free fundraising IDEAS, as well as a list of WEBSITES that you can visit that can help you to run a healthy and profitable school fundraiser.


MUFTI DAY – Let students rock up to school in their cosiest or craziest clothes for the day. You could add a theme, such as “what you want to be when you’re older” or “your favourite fictional character”. Collect a gold coin donation from each student out of uniform.

RECIPE BOOK – Invite your school community to submit some of their favourite family recipes. Compile all the submissions and sell them it as your school’s very own cookbook.

SUPERHERO CROSS COUNTRY – Like a regular cross country, but make it super! Give students the confidence to run as fast as they can while dressed as their favourite superhero. Collect a gold coin donation from each student out of uniform.

DISCO FEVER – School discos have been around since the dawn of time. Raise some money by selling tickets for entry, as well as glow sticks. If you wanted, you could also sell some healthy snacks and refreshments.

FRUIT & VEG MONTH – Each September, Healthy Kids runs Fruit & Veg Month. Get students to dress up as their favourite fruit or veg, whether it be an orange shirt and green hat (carrot) or some green/purple balloons pinned to a jumper (grapes) – it’s a great way to get in the spirit of Fruit & Veg Month and fundraise for your school.

ESCAPE TO THE MOVIES – Invite your students to watch a movie in the school hall. Make the experience a day to remember by setting up a screen/projector and speakers. The entry fee could include a ticket to the movie and some plain air-popped popcorn as a movie snack.

ART EXHIBITION – Hold an evening for parents to come along and look at some of the best artwork from students in each year, and have them pay a fee for entry. This may work better in high schools.

TRIVIA – Put your student’s knowledge to the test by holding a game of trivia. Ask them fun and challenging questions – maybe about the school and it’s teachers, music, sports, science, history, maths, or just some general knowledge questions. Make the participation fee a gold coin donation.

GUESS WHAT’S IN THE BOX – Pop a fruit or vegetable kids would rarely see (an artichoke, okra, squash etc.) in a box, leaving a hole big enough for a small hand. Charge 20 cents for a guess, with the winner receiving a prize. You could replace the fruit or vegetable once the hidden item has been guessed and keep it running throughout the day.

TREASURE HUNT – Get the students to dress up as explorers and have them searching the school for X marks the spot. Have them unlock clues along the way by answering riddles or questions based on what they are currently learning in the classroom. Have a participation fee, or a gold coin donation for students out of uniform.

PIE FACE – Ask a handful of amiable teachers to volunteer to take a pie in the face. Kids pay 20c to vote for the teacher they would most like to see get a face full of whipped cream, the teacher who holds the most donations will be the victim of a pie to the face.

CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT – Get your school community in the holiday spirit by holding a carols evening. Invite the school band to play, choir to sing and dance group to perform to some of your favourite festive tunes. You can have an entry fee, and sell glow sticks or LED candles. If you wanted, you could also sell some healthy snacks and refreshments.

Helpful websites

Below are just a few organisations that provide fundraising alternatives that we think are fun while still providing those much-needed funds. These are great as it takes the time and effort away from busy parents, teachers and schools.

  1. RETURN AND EARN (NSW only) – help the environment and raise funds for your school at the same time! By collecting eligible containers and taking them to a return point, you can earn 10 cents per container. Here are a few ways your school can get involved:
    • Encourage your school community to donate their refunds to your school
    • Find out if your school is eligible to become a Donation Partner, where you can be featured on your local Reverse Vending Machine and therefore receive donated refunds from people in the broader community.
    • Organise a collection drive where your school community and/or local community can donate their containers that your school can Return and Earn.
  2. CRAZY CAMEL – calendars; cards; diaries, notebooks & sketch pads; pillowcases; tea towels; tote bags
  3. EXPRESSIONS – customised tea towels, aprons and bags.
  4. FOOST – child-friendly utensils and the amazing ‘smoothie’ bike
  5. JOLLY SOLES – boxes of funky socks
  6. KIDDIKUTTER – designed for children 3 years & older to cut their own food SAFELY.
  7. PICTUREPRODUCTS – the original pictureplate fundraiser
  8. PUBLISHED AUTHORS – cookbooks compiled by students, parents and teachers.
  9. SCHOOL FUNDRAISING – ‘Fun-Run’ and ‘Read-a-Thon’ fundraising programs.
  10. STICKYBEAKS – insulated, reusable lunch bags and lunch wallets.
  11. THAT’S MINE – school labels
  12. AUSTRALIAN FUNDRAISING – fundraising ideas, products and fundraising kits.

Looking for healthy food & drink ideas for fundraisers & special events? Click here!