How to start a kitchen garden

KidsGrow KidsCook is a FREE program that provides everything you need to start cooking and gardening classes in your primary school.KidsCookingTogethr

Whether you have access to a garden and functioning kitchen, or are confined to the classroom, KidsGrow KidsCook will provide everything you need to turn your students into green-fingered master chefs. It will:

  • Teach about food, where its from and how to prepare it.
  • Get kids eating more fruit and vegetables.
  • Meet NSW curriculum learning outcomes.
  • Save money- grow your own food, rather than buying it.
  • Show that you take nutrition education seriously.
  • Create interactive, fun lessons with our pre-prepared lesson plans.

Resources include lesson plans, healthy kids recipes, instructions for setting up and promotional materials.

Download the KidsGrowKidsCook resources today:

A- KGKC: Title page

B- KGKC: Intro

C-KGKC: Kids Grow (Gardening section)

D-KGKC: Munch & Crunch

E-KGKC: Kids Cook (Cooking section)

F-KGKC: Raw Ranger Recipes (cooking with no equipment)

G-KGKC: Cooking Captains (some kitchen equipment needed)

H-KGKC: Menu Masters (kitchen needed)

I-KGKC: Stage 1 Lesson plans

J_KGKC: Stage 2 Lessons plans (Part 1)

J_KGKC: Stage 2 Lesson plans (Part 2)

K_KGKC: Stage 3 Lesson plans (Part 1)

K_KGKC: Stage 3 Lesson plans (Part 2)

L  KGKC: Calendar

M KGKC: Australian Guide to Healthy Eating Poster

N KGKC: Fruit and Veg Flashcards

O KGKC: Chatterbox

P KGKC: Resource posters