Currently in Australia, there is no auditing of the food available in schools. Canteens, fundraisers and athletics carnivals continue to enable the sale of food and drink to school children that is nutritionally poor.

Healthy Kids has created an advocacy kit that outlines how you can help us advocate for healthy change in schools. Join us and help raise the profile of food, and food literacy, in schools at a government level.

Please download the advocacy kit and send a letter/s to local, state or federal governments asking for action on their part (download the letter template here).

And don’t forget to let us know when you get a response!

What about at grass roots level?

If you’re passionate about changing the food available in your local school, we’ve created a two-page cheat sheet for principals that outlines their responsibilities. It’s targeted more to government schools in NSW, but overall encourages the principal, as the ultimate decision-maker, to take action on healthy change.