What we do

Healthy Kids Association is a not-for-profit, non-government health promotion charity based in Sydney, Australia.

Our mission: Influence industry and government, support healthy learning environments, educate kids and families, inspire communities and create healthy habits for life.

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acnc-registered-charity-tickCurrently, one in four children in Australia are classified as being overweight or obese. Our children are our future and we believe teaching healthy eating habits at a young age can change a person’s life for the better. We aim to educate and empower families, children and school canteens to make the healthiest choices possible. Our nutrition philosophy is one of balance that promotes the five core foods, variety and mindful eating.

How do we get our message out?

  • Healthy Kids Association has a membership base consisting of more than 1,200 school canteens across NSW and the ACT. We work with our members assisting them to deliver healthy food menus that meet government guidelines and strategies. We offer phone and email support in order to get canteens on the right track.
  • Every odd year, we host our annual Healthy Kids Food Exhibition and Training day. This event gives food industry the opportunity to display their approved products, and canteen managers and workers the chance to sample new products.
  • Our School Canteen Buyers’ Guides are mailed to schools Australia-wide each year. These guides are a thorough list of food products that we have assessed (and are therefore part of our Product Registration Scheme) and that meet the relevant nutrition criteria of that state/territory.
  • We  work with governments to implement programs that encourage healthy food choices. Such as Vegetable Week and the Big Vegie Crunch and Fruit and Veg Month.
  • We communicate with parents through our enewsletter, Facebook page and Twitter account. We offer easy, healthy ideas for parents to use at home. Our team of on-staff nutritionists publish articles regularly on parent websites to further our reach.
  • We partner with food companies, sports programs and other organisations to deliver healthy eating messages through their channels.

If you’d like further information, please contact us on info@healthy-kids.com.au or 02 9876 1300.