The National Healthy School Guidelines canteen calculator (ACT)

Fresh-Tastes_logo_FINAL_ColThis calculator is to assist schools in the ACT to meet the aims of the Fresh Tastes Healthy Foods at Schools strategy. This strategy follows the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines in the canteen, at fundraising activities and at school events.

This calculator is designed for food or drink items that have a nutrition panel and will help you work out if a food in the “select carefully” category is AMBER or RED 

Note: All deep-fried foods, sugar sweetened drinks and confectionery items are automatically RED foods and CANNOT be sold in an ACT school canteen.

STEP 1: before you decide whether you need this online calculator, first ask the question, “Is it GREEN?” If every ingredient in the item is on the GREEN category list, the menu item will be GREEN.

STEP 2: If there are any ingredients from the AMBER category or the RED category, ask the question, “Is the menu item AMBER or RED?” You can answer this question by using the calculator below.


Some questions may require information from the per serve column or the per 100g column of the Nutrition Information Panel. Be sure to enter the correct information. You will need the Nutrition Information Panel from the product label to use this calculator.