Common recommendations for NSW canteens

In NSW, schools can use the Healthy Canteen Checklist below to help them meet the new Healthy School Canteen Strategy. Remember, to make the transition to a healthier menu easier, implement one change at a time. Ensure:

  • Sugary drinks are not for sale.
  • Each section of the menu is comprised of at least ¾ EVERYDAY foods or drinks.
    • Start with the ‘hot food’ and ‘snack’ sections of your menu.
  • OCCASIONAL packaged foods for sale have a Health Star Rating of 3.5 stars and above.
    • Start with packaged foods such as salty snacks, confectionary and frozen ice snacks.
  • Portion sizes are followed
    • Start with foods such as meat pies (maximum 190g) and muffins (maximum 80g).
  • EVERYDAY foods are promoted in advertising, meal deals and specials via commercial branding on signage and displays.
  • OCCASIONAL foods are not placed at the point of sale (next to cash registers or where money is exchanged) or at eye level on shelves or counters.

Pricing and promotion 

Encourage the sale of more EVERYDAY foods by:

  • Promoting and advertising EVERYDAY foods via signs, posters and at the point of sale. Make EVERYDAY foods stand out so students can easily see them and they will sell well.
  • Marking EVERYDAY foods up less than the mark up for OCCASIONAL foods. It’s great if EVERYDAY options are cheaper than OCCASIONAL options.
  • Ensure ¾ of your menu is filled with a range of EVERYDAY food and drinks.

Further information and ideas