Fruit & Veg Month 2024 Student Competition

Fruit & Veg Month goes Around the World

In 2024 we are celebrating fruits and vegetables from all over the world! In this year’s student competition, children draw their a favourite family recipe* that features fruits and/or vegetables.

How to enter:

  • Download and print the Student Competition template.
  • Students draw or paint their dish, write the name of the dish, explain why it is special* and list the fruit or vegetable that it features.
  • The Fruit & Veg Month Coordinator will choose 7 drawings (usually one drawing per grade) to submit to the competition.
  • Use the form below to submit your school’s entries.
  • The competition will close from entries on 1 October, 2024. Winning schools will be contacted by 12 October, 2024.

* If a student does not have a special dish, they can just use their imagination! Or ask their teacher to help them think of a dish they think they would like.


Each winning student will receive the following prize:

  • An apron with this year’s Fruit & Veg Month logo and the student’s name
  • A plate with an image of their winning drawing printed on it
  • A globe squishy ball

Fruit & Veg Month 2024 student competition entries

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