Application Form: NSW Canteen Supplier and Distributor Search Tool

The Canteen Supplier and Distributor Search Tool is a list of food and drink suppliers and distributors that service canteens in postcodes throughout the country. The intention of this resource is to:

  • Provide school canteens  with a list of companies they can contact to source food and drink products for their canteens
  • Provide food manufacturers who work in the school space (or are interested in working in the school space) with a list of companies they could work with to get their products into school canteens
  • Assist school canteen suppliers and distributors to make their services known to both school canteens and food and drink manufacturers
Criteria for inclusion

To be included in this database you must:

  • Be a food and/or drink supplier or distributor
  • Sell or be willing to sell products to school canteens

Note: This resource does not contain a list of products. Schools will be referred to the NSW Health Healthy Food Finder™ and NSW School Canteen Buyers Guide 2023 to find specific products that meet the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy.

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