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Our top canned legumes

18/04/2016 Help for Parents, Product Reviews

We’re celebrating the International Year of Pulses all year! This means that, as well as creating some new kid-friendly recipes, we're investigating the best unflavoured canned legumes or beans available
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Levels of scientific evidence

24/02/2016 Advice for teachers, Help for Parents

With such a large amount of nutrition information available across the world's media, it can be difficult to figure out who to trust and what advice to follow. Here
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The top 4 snacks consumed by children

14/04/2015 Help for Parents

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2011-12, 25% of children in Australia were overweight or obese. (1) A high intake of ‘discretionary’ food, otherwise known as junk food,
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The Health Star Rating

14/08/2014 Help for Parents

At Healthy Kids Association we believe making healthy choices should be easy. Health Star Ratings can help you make healthier choices, but they are just one tool to assist you
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