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Weighing in on fad diets

02/05/2016 Help for Parents

With rising rates of overweight and obesity, it seems that fad diets are all the rage these days, making it all too easy for kids (and their parents) to
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Your step-by-step guide to reading food labels

14/12/2015 Help for Parents

As people become much more aware of nutrition information panels on fresh, prepackaged and ready-to-eats foods, it's essential that they are also read correctly and fully understood. This is particularly
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How to save $1,000 on your food bill every year

14/12/2015 Healthy Eating, Help for Parents

Cleaning out your fridge, cupboard and fruit bowl can be a frustrating business. How often do you find yourself tossing out fruit and veggies that you swear were only
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The top 4 snacks consumed by children

14/04/2015 Help for Parents

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2011-12, 25% of children in Australia were overweight or obese. (1) A high intake of ‘discretionary’ food, otherwise known as junk food,
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