Most Australian children eat less than half the veggies they should be

19/02/2015 Advice for teachers, Crunch&Sip, Healthy Eating

You might not think it happens in your backyard, school or community, but research shows that regardless of location, income, parent education level and employment status, on average kids don’t eat enough vegetables. They are actually eating less than half the servings they should be.

So how can we educate and encourage kids to eat more? Healthy Kids has lots of ideas and info about healthy eating and vamping up the veg. Have a look here, here and here for starters.


In addition to lunch boxes and dinners, the Crunch&Sip program which is run in some schools is a great opportunity to promote veg. Kids really don’t do too badly when it comes to eating fruit, so maybe it’s time to update your school’s fruit break to really encourage veg. Read this case study to see how it works.

Crunch&Sip is flexible, and each teacher chooses how and when their class Crunch&Sips. It’s also a great chance to role model eating veg.

Email for more information, or direct your school to contact Healthy Kids and sign up for the program.

F&V infographic