Packing a waste free lunch

28/04/2014 Help for Parents, Lunchbox

In our waste-filled lives, it’s important to do what we can to decrease the waste we’re contributing to the landfill. More and more schools are getting in on the act and requiring parents pack a waste free lunch some days of the week, if not all of them. What does this mean exactly?

Waste free means only packing items that can be composted or recycled and that won’t end up in the garbage bin. That means, no plastic wrap, no foil, no zip lock bags and no packaged foods.

Following these rules can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. First, you’ll need some containers – a lunch box with a variety of compartments works well or purchase a few smaller containers to hold different snacks. Here is a great recess snack, that is waste free consisting of hommus dip with veggie sticks.

Hommus dip with veggie sticks

Paper bags also come in handy – they can be recycled or composted, so they don’t need to be added to the garbage. Have a chat with your child about how to dispose of them.

Here are some other tips: 
  • Make a tray of muffins and keep them frozen. Remove one each morning and place it in the lunch box – it will thaw by lunch time.
  • Pop your own popcorn and pack it in a paper bag. Remind your child to dispose of the paper bag in the  recycle bin at school.
  • Make your own snack mix with dried fruit (apples, sultanas, banana), pepitas, sunflower seeds, and put in in a container for recess.
  • Pack a handful of dried cereal (such as Weet-bix bites or Cheerios) in a small reusable container.
  • Cut your own cheese slices and place them with crackers in a smaller tupperware container.
  • Make a smoothie at home and store it in a cold thermos that holds the temperature until recess or lunch time.

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