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The Division of Responsibility in Eating

11/08/2017 Healthy Eating, Help for Parents

The joint effort in developing competent and healthy eaters With childhood obesity on the rise, so too is parental concern and awareness about what their kids are eating. Getting kids to be
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Our top 9 ready-to-eat meals

22/07/2016 Help for Parents, Product Reviews

Family life can get very busy, which means creating homemade meals for the whole family is tricky, especially if they all arrive home at different hours of the day
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Levels of scientific evidence

24/02/2016 Advice for teachers, Help for Parents

With such a large amount of nutrition information available across the world's media, it can be difficult to figure out who to trust and what advice to follow. Here
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Your diet could be harming your child

21/10/2015 Help for Parents

In September this year, a toddler who was double the average weight for her age was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. In an age of increasing childhood diet-related disease,
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The magic of storytelling

23/07/2015 Advice for teachers, Crunch&Sip

Stories are a great way to get the healthy eating message across to students. Try reading a story about balance, portions, fruit and veg and health during Crunch&Sip time
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Ricotta and banana wraps with warm honey

13/04/2015 AMBER, Canteen recipes, Everyday, GREEN, Healthy Eating, Help for Parents, Recipes, Sandwiches & wraps, Snacks, Sweet food

Everyday (NSW)GREEN (SA)AMBER (ACT) Serves 2 Ingredients : 100g reduced fat smooth Australian ricotta 1 banana, chopped 2 teaspoons currants or sultanas ½ teaspoon mixed spice 1 large piece wholemeal lavash or mountain bread, halved 1 tablespoon
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How to encourage healthy eating in kids

17/11/2014 Advice for teachers, Healthy Eating, Help for Parents

We know how impressionable young children can be and that's why it's important to encourage healthy eating by setting a good example. Kids will copy their role models and learn
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