Crunch&Sip® is a set time in primary schools for students to ‘refuel’ on fruit and salad vegetables and ‘rehydrate’ with water. Students who are not hungry and are well hydrated perform better in the classroom, show increase concentration, and are less likely to be irritable and disruptive. We all know that many students are not eating enough fruit and vegetables.

Crunch&Sip® is not a prescriptive program. Each school chooses a suitable time and way for students to participate in Crunch&Sip® that fits with the school’s timetable. It may suit the school for all classes to have Crunch&Sip® at the same time or for individual teachers to decide when it best suits their class schedule. Plus, individual teachers may decide to have Crunch&Sip® while students continue on with their work, or stop work and hold a Crunch&Sip® specific activity inside or outside of the classroom. Whatever works!

Have a look at the Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack for some guidance on how to implement Crunch&Sip in your school. The English Parent Brochure can be found here as well as the Arabic, Mandarin and Macedonian versions.

What teachers are saying about Crunch&Sip:

“It’s well worth the time it takes to have Crunch&Sip®, to improve students’ concentration for the remainder of the morning.”

“Crunch&Sip® is having an impact on students’ learning and making a difference to children’s lunchboxes, which now often contain much healthier options.”

“Some classes were already having a fruit break. Having Crunch&Sip® gave consistency across the whole school.”

“We were concerned at the amount of processed foods students were consuming. To encourage healthier eating habits, the school introduced Crunch&Sip®. The outcomes have demonstrated the positive and life-changing influences that we, as teachers, can have upon our students.”

“Crunch&Sip® started fairly slowly, although as people started to see the benefits it increased.”

Health staff from Local Health Districts support schools in implementing Crunch&Sip®.

The new Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack

The popular Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack has been fully revised and updated and is available for download here.

The 2nd Edition of the Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack contains:

  • A revised Crunch&Sip® school implementation guide
  • Food and nutrition focused classroom activities that fit within the NSW primary schools PDHPE curriculum and also meet other cross-curricula outcomes
  • Short activity ideas based around healthy eating
  • Background nutrition information and helpful resources for teachers

A hardcopy of the pack will be sent to all Crunch&Sip® schools in early 2016.

Additional Resources

To order copies of Parent Brochures click here.

Download newsletter snippets by clicking here (updated July 2015).

Want tips on how to ensure all students have fruit and veg for Crunch&Sip? Click here.

Download an editable PDF of a student Crunch&Sip certificate – just insert student name and class or school and print. Each teacher or school can decide how they’d like to award the certificates.

Download ideas for making simple fruit and vegetable costumes (F&VCostumes).

A sample Crunch&Sip policy is available here.

Download presentations on the Crunch&Sip program for school staff and parents.

You may wonder why you should swap to Crunch&Sip if you’re already doing a fruit break at your school. Read this case study about two schools that decided to revive their fruit break by changing it to Crunch&Sip. They learned that Crunch&Sip is more than just a phrase…

Gundagai South Public School turned its ‘fruit break’ into Crunch&Sip to get kids eating more vegetables.

Bossley Park Public School and Coffs Harbour Public School both involved the school community to help encourage kids, parents and teachers to Crunch&Sip.

This case study about Tea Gardens Public School illustrates how the school overcame concerns from teachers that they wouldn’t have time for Crunch&Sip.

The students at Aspect Vern Barnett School are making progress in the number of types of fruit and vegetables they try as a result of Crunch&Sip.

Bidwill Public School hold a Crunch&Sip launch every year to keep interest up. They have noticed a huge improvement in students’ awareness of healthy lifestyles and their consumption of fruit and vegetables.

For more information contact:

Angela Hua, Project Officer, NSW Office of Preventive Health

P: 02 8738 8843